Why MVC is better than Asp.Net Webform.

Why MVC is better than Asp.Net Webform: In this article, I will explain the list of 5 reasons why MVC is way better than Asp.Net Webform and why you should start learning MVC before it’s too late because many IT companies already migrated their projects from Asp.Net to MVC.

  1. Better HTML Control: Every layer of obstruction creates new problems down the track when so much development now involves jQuery another JavaScript library MVC simplifies development by putting the developer back in charge of the HTML that is actually rendered. Having full control the HTML is fantastic for two reasons the first being you get the integrated changes from the designer more easily and the second being you have basic at the play-around with the HTML to optimize size for performance and be able to change things around fairly easily.
  2. Testability: MVC provides true separation of concerns and makes it easy to test the whole application from unit tests to coded UI tests. It was very difficult to separate the user interface from the business logic in web forms. MVC makes it really easy.
  3. Instant pages: Get your admin pages up and running faster than ever with improved scaffolding don’t get bogged down doing creates edit update delete. In instant pages, we can go in and set a few options cook a few buttons and all my admin pages are done so that leaves me time to actually spend on developing applications rather than having to develop administration screens so it makes me a lot more productive and ultimately we produce a great product to the customer.
  4. Simpler debugging: This means that instead of complicated web form life cycles your code either goes into the roots controller of you so you can jump right into coding without an intimate knowledge of the page lifestyle.
  5. Mobile support: Mobile support with adaptive rendering. MVC allows the same user interface to render on different devices so users can check it out on their PC tablet or even a smartphone. The same code base detected it’s a mobile client and just throws a different view that way you can really attack the screen resolution the bandwidth requirements and any other specific things you want to do for a mobile device.

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