List of C language basic programs | C programming exercises

Here are Top C Basic programming exercises with detailed solutions and output for improving your coding skills.

All the following C Language programs on this webpage are tested and should work on all C Programming Compiler.

C programming exercises
C programming exercises


  1. C Program to Print “Hello, World!”
  2. C Program to Add Two Integers.
  3. C Program to Swap Values of Two Variables.
  4. C Program to Multiply two Floating Point Numbers
  5. C Program to perform all arithmetic operations
  6. C Program to convert feet to meter
  7. C Program to convert celcius to farenheit
  8. C Program to convert farenheit to celcius
  9. C Program to find the Size of data types
  10. C Program to Print ASCII Value
  11. C Program to Calculate Area of Circle
  12. C Program to Calculate Area of Square
  13. C Program to Calculate Area of Rectangle
  14. C Program to convert days to years, weeks and days

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